The HAUL PACK carries, climbs, and hauls without compromise. Designed for pushing the limits of what's possible. 

"Grade VII Equipment's new line of climbing packs are comfortable, durable, and climb like a dream." CLIMBING MAGAZINE

Three Distinct Volumes

Three distinct volumes for a quiver to climb a variety of routes and styles.

Stripped down, refined to only the essentials for big wall alpinism, the HAUL PACKs are simple, yet have all the features climbers actually need.




Patent-pending composite material.

Lighter then featherweight alpine packs, yet comfortable to carry on both the approach and the climb, the G7 HAUL PACK is more durable than the traditional haul bag.

Constructed from two essential parts, the haul shield and suspension chassis form the durable shell. Inside is lined with this layered structure creates lightweight durability - suitable for both hauling and climbing.

Haul Strap


An integrated haul strap tags the HAUL PACK up the wall, conveniently securing it at the belay and allows you to secure your gear below.


Cut-Resistant Tech Bungee


For equipment you don’t want in your pack - our simple to use, yet extremely versatile Cut-Resistant Tech Bungee compression system will secure a range of tools outside your pack. 

When not in use, the Cut-Resistant Tech Bungee stows out of the way, returning to a plumb line form that ensures the cord won’t snag when climbing or hauling.  The high power elastic 6mm cord holds heavy skis secure.

Ice Tool Carry & Gear Loops


Integrated customizable ice tool holders securely hold any tool on the approach or when climbing rock. Made with cut-resistant tech bungee.


With each G7 HAUL PACK you get:

  •  2x removable T-slots
  •  2x Tool loops


Quick Synch System


The quick cinch watertight closure keeps contents inside dry and accessible no matter the weather. 

UltraSuede® Shoulder Straps


The shoulder straps climb as well as they carry, constructed from a high-density microfibre suede, these straps are unlike anything else.

Kaylan Worsnop on The Big Swing (5.11b), Whistler, BC | Photo: Tempei Takeuchi

Squamish, BC | Photo: Tempei Takeuchi

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