Durable and sensitive crack gloves



Constructed from a single piece of thin Italian suede, the HAND JAM molds to your hands forming a perfect fit and provides uncompromised balance between protection, breathability, friction, and warmth. 

The HAND JAM is for all day wear, it provides protection when jamming and offwidthing, and is unobtrusive when face climbing or mixing free with aid.

Jacob Cook on FA of Niv Mizzet Line (5.13-, 400 m), Baffin Island, Nunavut | Photo: Bronwyn Hodgins



We selected a high grade Italian suede, similar to that used on the best climbing shoes. It is durable and comfortable.


hand jam durable


The perimeter of the HAND JAM is reinforced with a high strength laminate to ensure that the wrist strap and finger holes do not fail.

Sean Villanueva O'Driscoll on the top of Guillaumet during the Moon Walk Traverse, Patagonia, Argentina



The thin leather allows you to feel the rock and climb with confidence while being protected from abrasion. This is essential when climbing many crack pitches or multiple days in a row.

hand jam sensitive


Bronwyn Hodgins on FA of Never Laugh at Live Dragons (5.10+, 600m), Mount Asgard, Baffin Island, Nunavut | Photo: Jacob Cook

All day comfort


A day of alpine climbing is long and likely involves both crack and face climbing. The HAND JAM is patterned to be fitted on your hand when jamming yet relaxed when face climbing and at belays – staying comfortable at all times so you can keep them on all day.


Breckon Trischuk on Annunaki (5.11-), Indian Creek, Utah | Photo: Nic Vissers

Thin and breathable

By forgoing rubber, the G7 HAND JAM is breathable and low-profile, keeping thin hands — thin hands.



Made from a single piece of leather, the suede strikes the ideal balance between breathability and warmth. Allowing the G7 HAND JAM to work on cold alpine climbs through hot days in the Creek.

Michael O'Connor in Indian Creek, Utah | Photo: Chris Lorimer

Wide wrist strap


The wide strap sits comfortably below the crease on your wrist — allowing movement, distributing the load, and providing protection for deeper jams.



The hook and loop closure makes the G7 HAND JAM quick and easy to put on and adjust.


Zack Goldberg-Poch on Separate Reality (5.12a), Yosemite, CA | Photo: Nic Vissers



Like a pair of climbing shoes, the leather will stretch and mold to your hand — becoming uniquely yours.



The leather is durable and provides protection from abrasion, while remaining thin so you can feel your jams. It has the perfect amount of friction — most comparable to tape.



Ben Harnden, Yosemite, CA | Photo: Nic Vissers



To provide the best fit, the HAND JAM is available in 5 sizes — each in a unique colour.


hand jam sizing


Measure: Palm circumference — just below the knuckles, hand should be relaxed.

Fit: Secure when hand is closed jamming, relaxed when hand is open.

Stretch: The leather will soften and mold to your hand like a new pair of climbing shoes — becoming uniquely yours.



Michael O'Connor in Indian Creek, Utah | Photo: Chris Lorimer



2 year, no questions asked warranty.



We offer a 2-year, one-time warranty for our HAND JAMs. Our HAND JAMs are highly durable, but they are not indestructible. If your HAND JAMs become damaged or worn out within two years of purchase, we will repair or replace them with no questions asked, no fine print, and no BS. We ask that you take good care of your HAND JAMs, as this will help us maintain our business for years to come.

Thor Stewart on top of Mt Thor, Baffin Island, Nunavut | Photo: Jacob Cook



"I barely took them off to sleep at night, otherwise they were always on me. They are brilliant! Well done guys! Super comfortable, you forget you are wearing them, and work great for jamming. I love them. Well done!"

Sean Villanueva O'Driscoll

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"I’ve climbed hundreds of pitches in them and barely see signs of wear. The Kickstarter is giving a 3 year warranty and I challenge you to break them faster!"

Bronwyn Hodgins

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Tim Emmett on The Titan (5.13c), Squamish, BC | Photo: Nic Vissers