The world's lightest climbing ledge — 
durability and comfort at 1.6 kg.



The POD is a lightweight and comfortable 1.6 kg (3.5 lbs) insulated inflatable ledge that replaces the traditional 7.5 kg (16.5 lbs) single framed portaledge plus sleeping mat. Imagine climbing grade VII walls lighter and faster than ever before. This ledge is so light it unlocks the impossible.

The POD is a big wall living space. The patent pending inflatable structure with integrated adjustable suspension system spreads the load to hang rigid from any climbing anchor.

Sean Villanueva O'Driscoll on La Vida es Silbar ("Life is whistling") (8a, 900m), Eiger Northface, Switzerland | Photo: Nicolas Hojac



At 1.6 kg (3.5 lbs) the POD is light enough to approach and climb alpine big walls in light and fast style. Move fast and sleep where you want.

 pod lightweight


Nic and Claire, Squamish, BC | Photo: Alex Eggermont

Single and double configurations


The POD is fast and easy to set up. It can be hung on a vertical wall, an arête, or even a round object like a tree. 



Hang two PODs in a Bunk Bed configuration for those times you need some personal space from your partner.



Hang two PODs Side by Side to create a spacious double ledge.


Lynn Hill on the Nose (5.14a), Yosemite, CA | Photo: Nina Caprez



The POD is constructed from a TPU laminated 235D high tenacity nylon composite fabric and further reinforced with patches in high abrasion areas.



The POD uses the same technology as inflatable river rafts allowing it to bounce over rocks and sharp edges.

The G7 team bivying in the Alcove on El Capitan, Yosemite, CA | Photo: Nic Vissers

Insulated comfort


The POD contains synthetic insulation saving you the weight of an additional sleeping mat. At 75 cm (30") wide x 213 cm (84") long it's comfortable even for giants.


Bronwyn Hodgins and Jacob Cook on early POD prototypes, Freerider (5.12d), Yosemite, CA | Photo: Nic Vissers



Sea To Summit’s award-winning air valve allows quick and easy inflation using the included inflation bag. It can be locked to ensure no accidental opening of the valve.




Bronwyn Hodgins relaxing (on an early prototype) in the Bugaboos, BC | Photo: Bradford Pope McArthur

Suspension system


The POD is stable due to its 6 point suspension system. Adjustable loops make it easy to level whether you're on a slab or a vertical wall.


suspension system pod


Nic and Claire, Squamish, BC

Accessory storage


The POD is fitted with accessory loops, a haul pack stirrup, and zippered pockets. This keeps everything you need within arms reach.


Ben Harnden on the Salathé Headwall (5.13a) Yosemite, CA | Photo: Nic Vissers



The ALPINE SHELTER can be deployed over one POD or two PODs hung side by side for protection from the elements. Constructed from highly breathable, watertight 50D and 30D polyester with Dual Nano coating, the shelter weighs only 1.1 kg (2.5 lbs).





Zack Goldberg-Poch on FA of the Beached Whale (5.10+ A1, 600m), Baffin Island, Nunavut | Photo: Thor Stewart

Rescue stretcher


The POD can be used as an improvised stretcher for support when rappelling if needed.


Tom Schindfessel, G7 lead designer, on Golden Gate, Yosemite, CA | Photo: Bradford Pope McArthur



After 6 years, hundreds of prototypes, and dozens of nights on the wall we are excited to be sharing this project with the world and giving climbers new tools to tackle new objectives.


Tom Schindfessel, G7 lead designer, testing an early POD prototype on FA of Tutti Frutti Summer Love (5.11+ A3, 600 m), Bugaboo Spire, BC | Photo: Vlad Capusan



2 year, no questions asked warranty.

We are confident in our products, so we stand behind the POD with this simple promise — we will repair or replace your POD. No questions asked, no fine print, no BS. 

The POD is really durable, it’s not indestructible. You cannot stand on it with crampons, you cannot stab it with a knife, but you can use it on a bigwall as a ledge to belay from, sit on, sleep, and rest.

Jacob Cook on the A5 Traverse pitch on Golden Gate (5.13a), Yosemite, CA | Photo: Bradford Pope McArthur



Will Stanhope

“It was quite a treat to take the Grade 7 pods on our new alpine line this week, allowing us to establish the upper pitches and sleep on the wall. Compared to the heavy 14 or 20 lb porta-ledges, these pods reduce the weight of hauling significantly”

Brette Harrington

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“I suspect these inflatable pods are really going to make a difference in what we see being accomplished in the mountains”

Jesse Huey

“This is a game changing tool”

Dave Allfrey

Bronwyn Hodgins and Angela Vanwiemeersch on Sheer Lunacy (5.12b), Zion National Park, UT | Photo : Savannah Cummins